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Philosophy on Coursera

Here is what I am taking at the moment on Coursera and I would really like to recommend these to all of you.

1. Introduction to Philosophy

This course is being taught by the faculty of the University of Edinburgh. The second Module on knowledge by Duncan Pritchard was a very interesting piece on Knowledge, Gettier Cases and Scepticism. Second Module is as far as I have gone but this a very interesting and light approach to introductory philosophy. And if there is anyone who wants to know what philosophy is about this is a great place to begin.

2. Moral Foundations of Politics 

This course is being taught by Ian Saphiro of Yale University and the course is in form a lengthy discussion on the moral grounds of politics. It discusses enlightenment paradigms and the foundations of democracy..but I haven’t got that far yet. Anyway, Ian Saphiro is awesome and the course is nothing like a political science class in a Pakistani University. He really gets you thinking and someone interested in politics should definitely start here.


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