Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Journal Entry

Well, journal entries haven’t been very popular on this blog, in fact this blog hasn’t been very popular lately. Hadeelnaeem.com is an awesome present but my stats haven’t really been working out for me.

Dowry is still popular in the family (talk about changing the society). Educated girls haven’t been able to say no to their in-laws and not even to their own families. How sad! I blame the girls.

My MPhil thesis isn’t writing itself. Every time I read BonJour he seems to say something different so I am basically not getting anywhere with him. Things aren’t working out with him, thought we had something going but maybe it was just a big pile of nothing.

Thank God the air conditioner is working. Hail technology!

I am practically living on energy drinks but with my physical activity I don’t know why I would need energy drinks.

Really trying to connect to my inner self but it isn’t working out so there is really very little point in this post.

I have started writing in tweets. This is not going to be great for my thesis.

Edinburgh hasn’t hit back with their scholarship decision yet so the future looks a little dark right now.

I was talking to one of my readers and she had me look back at my posts from 2011. I have a come a long way. My first post is about nothing, and the second too. There is a lot of blabber about simplicity, mistakes and doing nothing in life in there. The third blog post mentions Mr. Myron Miller :) and my Introductory class of Philosophy. A meaningful life is such a bliss.

I have lost two of my favourite books. The Prince by Machiavelli is one of them, I can’t believe anyone would want it. I had written more on it than Machiavelli, how would someone read it?


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This entry was posted on May 25, 2015 by in Journal.
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