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Islamophobia is on the rise in Pakistan as well

I for one do not think the likes of Sam Harris, Pamela Geller and Richard Dawkins are propagating Islamophobia in the West?  Muslims of Pakistan, the Muslims of Afghanistan and Muslims everywhere have done enough to deserve hatred. Do you believe they ought to kill more innocent children, attack more schools, burn more Christian villages in their homeland, shun more scientific laws or flog more bloggers for free-thinking?

How many Pakistanis do you think follow Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins on Twitter?

Muslims around the world are bent on a version of Islam that is peaceful, a version that promotes brotherhood and peace. Unfortunately, that version of Islam is only found in books and perhaps it will always remain in books.

The Islam that I see on my television screen and on social media, from homicide on the news channels to the Mullah absurdities on entertainment channels and religious channels, is much different from the one that we were taught in Islamiyat.  My television screen shows me Muslims that burn christian villages for hatred and kill christians for blasphemy. It is not surprising that some Christians in the world have developed hatred towards us Muslims. Similarly, I see Muslims with Kalashnikovs firing bullets at 13 year old school girls. And other Muslims across the world flogging a blogger inhumanly for a little freedom of speech. I see Muslims ruthlessly butchering children in school classrooms and I see fake Mullahs pardoning movie actresses on television. I see a lot of blood, sexual frustration in the clergy, children abused by Quran teachers, women electrocuted by their Imam husbands, polio health workers executed, journalists mutilated and their bodies mangled, a school-girl banished from her homeland for voicing her right to education and much more of this filth.

And I do not only see all of this from a distance, I do not see this sitting in the US, I see this sitting right here in the middle of this grot. I see through a religion infiltrated with culture and false ideologies. It is authoritative and patriarchal in nature. Men believe they have been burdened to teach women a lesson for dressing inappropriately. Relatives remind us that the study of science will not help in the hereafter. Teachers explain that one can only question the religion if and only if they have knowledge of all there is to know about the religion. Education and reason is given second priority even in universities because we must fear the God they want us to fear.

Are you telling me that this Islam is not important as long as the Islam from the book brings message of compassion and kindness? I say otherwise! I believe that this Islam, staring me in the face, affecting me and the people around me is exactly how Islam is defined. We cannot define Islam as how it was once and how the books have put it down for us.

There is a reason for Islamophobia! Richard Dawkins is not making up a reason for Islamophobia. We are putting it down on a plate and we are feeding it to him. And the only thing worse than this is your delusion that Islamophobia can somehow be stopped. The fodder that is being provided to Islamophobia is not in my control and I do not want it to represent me. It is because this is out of my control that I am Islamophobic. And yes, Pakistanis are Islamophobic too!

So, why not begin at home, eh?


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This entry was posted on February 24, 2015 by in Pakistan.
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