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Problems with being Extremely Pakistani

If there is anything world politics has taught us it is that nationalism brings no good. Apparently, man has never learned this lesson. The term natio, in Latin, means race and so this segregation is based on race and ethnicity, sometimes also religion (no matter how much we deny it).

The concept of Nationalism grew much stronger after the French Revolution. Before that, there was a unanimous belief in the church and most European countries bowed to the head of the church instead of the heads of the states. French revolution brought back attention to the heads of the states.

The divine trust and faith that we put in the human-made boundaries (or better, the politician-made boundaries) is exactly what nationalism is. Our divine love for something prone to mistakes and when these mistakes do occur they bring with them the horrific consequences.

Hitler, one politician, decided that there is no room for Jews in his country and the heinous crimes that he committed against humanity followed. His extreme love for his country resulted in one of the most hideous holocaust. Some Russian leaders followed in his footsteps in the name of nationalism.

The role of the public is more important; their unexplainable love for the boundaries that politicians create makes them hold terrible beliefs. Consider, common Pakistanis hatred for Indians? What is the cause for it? How many of us were actually mistreated by the Indians directly? This unreasonable hatred is the product of the hate speech that our politicians have been feeding us for so long.

You and I never went to war with India, our politicians and leaders did. They decided how the country should waste its assets; they sell patriotic songs and heroes to the country to win the support of the people for wars, wars that are never good for anybody. Now think of Gazans who hate Israelis and every last one of them, just like Indians and Pakistanis. It would be right to voice your disagreement with the decisions of the Israeli government at the moment because all that they are doing for the best interest of their country (for nationalism so to say) is abominable. The way US government, the defender of democracy, has failed to contain the attacks is also detestable. But the meaningless hatred of all Gazans for all Israelis is obviously uncalled for. If only reason was a popular quality of human kind.. (they would know that every Israeli or every Jew of the world is not responsible for what Gaza is going through.)

What caused the World War I? Nationalism

What caused the World War II? Nationalism

What will cause the World War III? Nationalism

The incompetent leaders that decide on wars as their only way to express the unparalleled love for their countries are the main cause of the bloodshed and merciless slaughter on the boundaries and in the cities. These wars claim millions of innocent lives and cause irrevocable damages in the name of imaginary boundaries. These are not our wars. These are the wars of the politicians that screw-up, the politicians that are weak leaders. But we die for their hatred, and we become Hiroshima and Nagasaki because they cannot keep their egos in control.

It is the love of our country and our “so-called” patriotism that keeps us divided and because of these different ideologies we all want something different from our nation, we all mean something else when we talk about nationalism. Many Sunni Muslims want a nation free of Shias and Ahmedis. While, the Mullahs of the country want a nation that abides by the Shariah Law and any other kind is unacceptable to them so they go on blowing people trying to convey their viewpoint.

Now we know what being extremely Muslim can do to our country and we know that being extremely Pakistani is no good either. Our extremely and enthusiastically Pakistani mindset brings us to the verge of burning Christian towns of our country. Similarly, the persecution of children and pregnant women for their Ahmedi beliefs is also the kind of poison that nationalism feeds us.

Speaking of the leaders of Pakistan, the hate speech that we see very often on television is also the poison of nationalism; Tahir-ul-Qadri seems to have a lot of that poison nowadays. In his hunger for power he brought his people forward to die for him, and in the name of the country, so he could establish grounds for a revolution. The Model Town tragedy of 17th June, 2014 resulted in the murder of several of his workers. This extremely wicked crime against humanity was committed in the name of nationalism.

Presently, the government of Punjab believes that it knows what is best for the country; Imran Khan and Qadri share a different opinion. Nawaz decided to tackle terrorism with arms and the country went into civil war with the operation Zarb-e-Azab. Khan figured that this was his best time to hit the government. Again, with little respect for individual life he will march forward with his agenda on 14th August 2014. On the other hand, Qadri kidnapped policeman and violated human rights in order to proceed with the toppling of the present government. He will kill if necessary, according to his hate speech, because his nationalism requires that. Nawaz will also do everything he can for the protection of his insecure democracy.

And civilians like us will play in their hands, our rights will be violated and we will die for the dirty politics of these leaders, the politics of power. We will die for our country but we will die a pathetic death.













3 comments on “Problems with being Extremely Pakistani

  1. Wyrd Smythe
    August 12, 2014

    Nationalism (and religious identity) seems to be an extension of the basic tribal “us/them” dichotomy. One can even see it in how fans latch onto and identify with a sports team (or famous person). So often this “us/them” basic world view seems to prohibit us from “one world, one people” thinking.

    Most astronauts have mentioned how being in space — looking down at the fragile Earth and seeing not one single drawn line on its surface — speaks to the soul about just how much we are all “us” and just “us.” Maybe someday that’s an experience more and more people will have.

  2. Sania
    August 18, 2015

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