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Growing up is a bitch!

I am not a patriot and excuse me for that.

A girl has to sacrifice everything growing up in this country. There used to be a time when I had to worry about homework and when I was done with that the whole world was mine. Television was not my only entertainment and I barely knew what the Internet was. Those were good days. Life was simple and beautiful. I would run out of my house every ten minutes to check if the kids were out to play. Playtime was the highlight of the day.

Often, I would strut with my new toy or something to gather all the kids around me and other days, we would fight and shout and then go back home, crying. Some days were all about bicycles, skateboards and roller-skates and other days were quiet, a game of monopoly in the veranda with biscuits. I remember a play we arranged on an empty terrace for our moms and we probably made ugly invitation cards for them.

Our moms didn’t care who we hung out with, they didn’t care if we stayed out long. That’s one thing about secure societies, parents can let their children out to play. But as I grew up, my mum didn’t like my going out much. She’d want me to stay home even if it was in front of the television. The changes in my body were creepy and they were severing all the ties I had. Suddenly, who I went out with became important and everything fell apart. There were days I couldn’t go swimming and there were days I stayed in the bed. For a teenage girl nothing is more difficult than explaining what she is going through.

The worst of all was that everything wrong was happening to me, or the other girls around me. The boys were doing fine. They went out, played cricket, got into fights and carried on with the usual but not us.

And as years passed by, I got locked in my room, more and more, little by little.

Growing up is a bitch!


P.S. I rode my bike whenever I got shouted at, rode it far away from home and cried. I miss being sad on my bike now. Because there is no bike riding without being stared at anymore, no roller skating without people stopping to watch you fall. I miss that time when nobody cared I was a SHE.


4 comments on “Growing up is a bitch!

  1. elenacaravela
    March 16, 2014

    I am so very under qualified to make comments on your very excellent blog, but I will say this about the post above:Growing up is tough everywhere, but I can’t imagine the position in which you were placed simply because you are female. I admire your fortitude.

  2. Neman Ashraf
    January 18, 2015

    “I would run out of my house every ten minutes to check if the kids were out to play”….. oh yea! childhood rocks and hell yes on your “growing up” comment. But I had’nt missed much if I shall add.I actually love being alone with my room since errrm 18? A perfect luxury for me is when there is no office, I am home with laptop. Even today that is my best time. But hey, that’s just me.

    For a girl, why yes growing up brings a whole lot of new deals and boundaries.+1

    • hadeelnaeem
      January 18, 2015

      Well yeah, I guess it’s room and laptop for everyone nowadays. πŸ™‚

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