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The Misinterpreted Tribute to Aitezaz

A version of this article was published by the Express Tribune at Ejaz Haider is right, we do not need more Aitizaz Hasans

Ejaz Haider wrote an intelligent satire, paying tribute to Aitezaz Hassan, the boy who had to die in order to save hundreds of students from a suicide attack. The thesis of his article was simple; he wanted people to realize what Aitezaz had lost and point at the ordinary life that he would miss out on though everything else will remain the same.

Pakistan is proud that a Pakistani 14 year old took a suicide bomber on his own and saved hundreds of children. I am sorry but this disgusts me and I am sure it disgusts Ejaz Haider. The pathetic event that resulted in a 14-year-olds death could have resulted in 500 injuries and more than 50 deaths but just one of them died. Aitezaz at the gate of the school was a happy coincidence that saved many lives that day but the disgust that a suicide bomber targeted a school still remains.

Dancing and drowning in our sorry patriotism, we forget that an ordinary, fat boy, who probably loved eating, lost his life. This country brought him to position where he had to choose between his life, his love for eating, and a school full of his friends.

We, the dim-witted, but emotionally and patriotically over-enthusiastic morons disapprove of Ejaz Haider calling Aitezaz fat. This is a perfect example of how reason leaves us when we start worshiping heroes and how patriotism turns us blind. To us, Aitezaz is just a role-model and an example of patriotism and we are going to bathe in this and worship him. We transformed a kid, so FREAKING EASILY, in an idea and we are not even going to look back at what we did. His death we have embraced and his life, we don’t give a shit about. All Ejaz Haider did was to point out that men matter too so please don’t reduce that boy into an idea; an idea as preposterous as patriotism. (Ejaz Haider probably doesn’t think patriotism is stupid but I do.)  To a dead Aitezaz, our chants and tweets mean nothing at all. He saved living people, granted them life and now those living-people will move on with their ordinary lives. The least we can do is honor and remember his life, instead of his death.

The ordinary life that we take for granted, Aitezaz was deprived of it because Pakistan let Taliban grow. We let them infiltrate us, as a people, and we let them grow. We vote for conservatism, Islamization and everything that keeps this country from enlightenment.

Coming back to Ejaz Haider calling Aitezaz fat, firstly, I think it should be alright to state the obvious so I don’t see why have people been whining so much. Secondly, the writer only meant to highlight Aitezaz’s ordinary life that patriotism and Pakistan have taken away from him.

If there are going to be more suicide bombers, there are going to be more Aitezazs, if that makes you MORONS proud, go ahead and do as you please.  According to me, the innocent life that was lost matters more than the symbol of patriotism that we have turned him into.

P.S. Some people misunderstood his article Aitezaz and the Bomber and others deliberately misinterpreted it. Patriotism is a fishy phenomenon and we are clearly very touchy when it comes to it. His explanation was to restore his tribute to Aitezaz; he wasn’t really trying to teach people how to read text.

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