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“Corrupt Lifafah Fake Liberal”

Now look what the liberals want to do. They want to rearrange our history textbooks and fill them up with lies that Ghaznavi Bhai was not the first Pakistani and that Imran Khan is not a tsunami. He bestest politician in hole wide widewide world & earth and universe & cosmos & Mianwali and you anti-paknapaak corrupt lifafah fake liberal fascist shut up u mouthy hahaha what if drone attack happen on your house you bastaaahahahahaaafiaqaumkibeti sister sister-in-law daughter but brother u stupid dog LOLZ !!!!!!.

Nadeel F. Paracha

To read more, check out his blog post.

And this, too, is from this particular blog post by NFP. 😀

Beware of this man. He is a dentist masquerading as a physicist. He is likely to slip mind-altering fluoride into your water bottle.


One comment on ““Corrupt Lifafah Fake Liberal”

  1. enayatbaig5
    November 12, 2013

    lol 🙂 this was too much.

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