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Education in Pakistan-Hoodbhoy

“Education creates a thinking mind that can look at facts to see if they are actually true, and emphasises the use of reason and observation to make decisions. An educated person should be able to entertain a thought even without accepting it, and thus to be able to make informed judgments. For all this it is necessary to expose students to the accumulated wealth of human experience and knowledge.

Do we do that in Pakistan? Absolutely not! We teach students about Pakistan’s enemies and about jihad. Everything starts and stops with Islam without even a nod towards the wonderful diversity of this country’s religions, languages, and cultures. There’s absolutely nothing in school books about throwing litter on the streets, preserving the environment, obeying traffic rules, paying taxes, or respecting the rights of your fellow citizens.

Instead, the entire emphasis is on ritual, tradition, and blind submission to authority. It is precisely this horrific mis-education — not lack of educational facilities or insufficient schools — that explains why Pakistani society has become so exceptionally violent, brutal, and intolerant. We’d be much better off without this kind of education.”

Pervez Hoodhboy



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