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What do you have against Malala?

I have to take time out and put my thoughts to order because somehow it has become very important. It won’t be very stupid to assume that around 80% Pakistanis are angry at Malala for one thing or another and what I plan to do is list those problems.

She is anti-Pakistan.

Pakistan is an idea and a name that we have given ourselves. There is no real border but an imaginary one that influential people have created for different purposes. So when you talk about a country you talk about ideas and you talk about imaginary divisions. When you come to an individual’s level there are other things more important. Like if we consider Malala on an individual level, we need to look at her love for education. So while Malala looks like the villain when you look at states and the big pool of politics, she is actually a normal person who loves education on an individual level. And that’s where the villains are the religious extremists; please, let’s keep it that way.

She is anti-Islam.

Well, was the bullet that hit her Islamic? Because if she is standing against that bullet or the religious extremism, and she is anti-Islam, then they are probably Islamic. Great, you just called terrorism Islamic! That’s just what the world wants to hear.

Her success is so mysterious.

Maybe. And I will give you that because it is weird how the Western media is buzzing around her like flies around honey but then what do you expect? A person survives a bullet wound and is a clear victim of the religious extremism that the world has its eyes on and you think this story is not bigger than a sport championship? It actually is.

You cannot compare Arfa Karim (a computer genius) or Naseem Hameed (an athlete) to Malala Yousafzai. I am proud of their achievements and respect the glory they have brought to the country but you might notice that they really didn’t point out our flaws. There is a lot of wrong in our country and those who point it out are not enemies of the country. Naseem Hameed did a brilliant job but she might only contribute gold medals to our name.

We are a country where women cannot walk on roads alone. They cannot wear what they want to wear. They cannot get divorced without bringing shame to their families. We are a country that objectifies women with the exchange of money on weddings. We corrupt marriages by giving and taking money in exchange of our girls. We are from the country where women are mostly uneducated and those that go to school get the lowest quality education. We are from the country where women have to seek their parents’ permission for everything before marriage. And once they are married, they are slaves to the in-laws and the husbands. Women are third-class beings of this third-world country.

One computer genius from a rich family will not affect the state of women in this country. A few gold medals from our female athletes and swimmers will do us proud for only a little longer. Time and again, we will be reminded of the absurdity that women go through in this country.

Malala is light!

Even if it is all a scam and her story is phony I still believe it is of utmost importance. Movies, like ‘Khuda Keliye,’ are fake too but they give out a strong message, something that makes us look into ourselves. So come out of her story and look at the real problem here. Are we going to stand with the enemies of Malala? They are enemies of women emancipation in this country and majority of them is our female population, sadly.

Are we going to sacrifice individuality for the state and the authorities of a religion?

I would be another Malala, if I could but the girl is much braver and I am glad she is from my country.


4 comments on “What do you have against Malala?

  1. Maryam Jamil
    October 19, 2013

    waqai isi bat k hairat ha k west malala ko itni lime light q dai rha ha
    yaqeen ni ata na
    chakar kya ha

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