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Open Letter to Lucman

Respected (or not) Mubashir Lucman,

Our country has been in a sad state of affairs for a long time now and while responsible media personnel should play a positive role you are the same old asshole we have known you to be.

People die like crazy every day in Pakistan and God still sends an earthquake our way. This is really sad but it’s not as half as sad as you.

Recently, rape cases have gone sky-high. A 5-year-old girl was raped in Mughalpura, Lahore and then another 8-year-old in Sargodha. Only yesterday, a 6-year-old was raped in Gujranwala. Now the news feed says 3 schoolgirls were abducted, assaulted, murdered and dumped near the Sea View Beach, Karachi. And Express Tribune says that a 12-year-old has gone missing in Karachi. I think I also heard about a little boy raped or abused by a teacher somewhere. While this is where we stand, Lucman has the audacity to whine about 6 graders being taught the path of the sperm.

Uneducated and stupid is what you sound, Lucman, when you tell the general public that 6 graders are being given sex education. And the public of Pakistan responds to this madness with obviously more madness, as always. They think, like you, that 6 graders are being sent out to have sex. Is that right? Is that why we educate students about this stuff?

And then he goes on to say that there is nothing wrong with this sort of education but there is an appropriate time for it and he explicitly calls Grade 9 and 10 the appropriate time for sex education. His reason being: that’s when infants hit puberty.

NO, YOU FAGGOT! I hit puberty when I was in grade 6. My body changed and I didn’t have anyone around me to explain to me what was happening. My mum didn’t want to talk about it, my teachers never talked about it and it felt weird, I would cry to sleep every night. It was like there was something wrong with me. My friends were going through it too and we were taught what to do about it but we were never given reasons. We, as a people, have always underestimated reason and I will never get why.

No, perhaps the rape victims could not have done anything to stop what was coming to them. Even if they knew what all of that meant they might not have escaped it. But rapes are gone cases; sexual harassment is much more common. If 6 graders knew what it meant it would be hard to lure them. They would not walk with strangers for candies; they would get what harassers are really after.

Bigotry, Lucman, is our problem! Not sex education and not comparative religion! And a more reasonable media anchor means a more aware nation, so why don’t you come down from that throne of yours and let a man of reason take your place?




One comment on “Open Letter to Lucman

  1. silentvieweroor
    October 12, 2013

    hahah, ironic and a bit biased

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