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The Heart-Breaking Fact

It’s heart-breaking but I will have to raise my children, in a country, where Comparative religion studies are banned. They might never learn about the sacrifice of Jesus, the miracles of Moses, the dedication of Buddha, the strength and intellect of the Hindu Gods, the message of peace that they all brought to earth, and the tolerance and love they wanted to see in mankind, which was no different from the message Muhammad brought.

Instead, they will be brought up amongst the gruesome news of blowing people, of other religions, to pieces. They will hear about burning of churches and temples. They will hear about violence in the name of blasphemy. They will hear about children being raped and persecuted.

And then when they will ask me, “Why did we, Muslims, blow up those Christians?” I won’t have an answer. I will be mortified. I won’t be able to tell them that our religion brings the holy message of peace too. They won’t believe me.



3 comments on “The Heart-Breaking Fact

  1. White Pearl
    October 3, 2013

    Yes they will believe you….When you will tell them that the people who do these attacks have all their families killed by the drone attacks….No matter this is not the right way to take revenge but yes people left alone have no other choice left. There are good and bad people in every religion….you can tell them this is not Islam…these are Muslims , some bad ones who don’t follow Islam but some extremists…..
    In Islam it is not obligatory for parents to teach them other religions but it is an obligation to teach them how to say Namaz and to take them closer to Allah and to teach them Quran with meanings. So as soon as you do all these tasks, you can let them study other religions too.
    Don’t forget you are a Muslim first.

  2. Maryam Jamil
    October 30, 2013

    Hazrat Musa Esa Daud Suleman ye to sb i parhta ha
    parha na b to sunta to hai

    and regarding banning to West me Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W ko text books mei ban kya ja rha ha

    jahan itna ye ap likhti ha k yahan azadi sa phnana k pabndi nai wagara wagara to jo muslman aurton k hijab k pabndi ha us k barai mei b kuch likh dai

    • hadeelnaeem
      October 30, 2013

      1. Banning Muhammad from books cannot be an authentic report, let me know if you have an authentic source for that.

      2. Hijab ki pabandi is for security reasons. They have a reason and the reason rests in the significance of human life. However, it is still not justifiable in my views and they should find another way out so people can practice their religion as they please.

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