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Prometheus and Global Warming

I remember Prometheus Bound differently but what the heck. This piece is incredible. The satire is incredible.


Dear Prometheus,

Being a smoke addict, I guess I should thank you. After all, it was you who gave fire to humanity.

And it’s not like your gift went without sacrifice. It’s been a while, but in case you forgot: Zeus, not pleased with you playing a game of Wikileaks, had you tied to a rock. Each day, an eagle would descend upon you and peck out your liver. Ouch.

Tell me, did you ever expect Zeus’ punishment to be so cruel and sadistic? All you did was give fire to humanity. Had I been standing in your shoes, I would’ve expected a verbal warning at the most. How did Zeus inform you of his intentions, I wonder:

Ext. Mount Olympus, Day

Zeus and Prometheus stand on Mount Olympus.

PROMETHEUS: You sent for me?
ZEUS: Yeah, I couldn’t help but notice you gave humanity fire.
PROMETHEUS: That’s right, I did…

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