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Sex Education and Comaparitive Religion Studies, A Taboo

Of all the many things Pakistan needs right now, one of them is responsible media personnel.

There is not much logic involved in stating facts as they are but, obviously, journalists believe that they can do their job better if they twist facts.

Where media personnel should talk about the inequality that private schools bring and the crazy tuition fee they demand, they are busy whining about sex education. If the children are being taught how they can avoid getting pregnant, what is wrong with it? They are being taught what suddenly went wrong with their bodies and how those hair just appeared randomly, and what it all means. I think a curious child finds out anyway, I did, and I am sure a lot of others did too. So if they are getting to know about it all in a formal setting, you have a problem? If grade 5 is being taught the “path of the sperms” (and no I didn’t say it as satirically as you did) it is only fair, they need to know sooner what leads to what.

There is a little more logic involved in analyzing the facts and maybe an open mind as well. #MubashirLuqman, of course, there is no point in talking to you about comparative religion studies; you seem to not understand what it means.

If somebody, in Pakistan, is teaching your children to not hate and reject people with beliefs different from yours you should encourage it. ISN’T RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE (and all other sort) WHAT WE NEED NOWADAYS?


Pakistani media should talk about the inequality and the division of classes that is becoming stronger through private schools or maybe about those rising tuition fee demands that are getting hard to meet. But sex education and comparative religion studies? Seriously?




One comment on “Sex Education and Comaparitive Religion Studies, A Taboo

  1. thedistinguishedauthor
    September 19, 2013

    Mubashar Lucman is the Glenn Beck of Pakistani media.

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