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Dowry No More

Dowry, also commonly known as “jahez” in our country, has its roots in our culture instead of our religion. Where does it come from and how did we inherit this vile will not help us get rid of it so let’s talk about the more crucial arguments instead.

The dowry system works as an exchange of property and it presupposes that a woman is an object that can be given and taken. The side of the groom, supposedly, takes a big burden off the side of the bride, namely the bride, and so they are to be awarded with valuable objects in return. More simply, the dowry system objectifies women.

Those of you who wrongly believe that feminism is a phenomenon that only women support against the men of the society should consider the “nanis” and “dadis” that are always ahead of everyone else when it comes to demanding dowry. And educated men are never on the opposite side of feminism; they stand by their women and help them fight for their rights.

We need feminism and we need equal rights for women. We need them to be treated like people.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau in India, a woman dies every hour because of dowry-related crimes. In Pakistan, the situation is equally alarming. Women are mercilessly burned by their in-laws and it is sometimes disguised as accidents. Belts, acid threats, marital rape and a lot more is used against them to submit to the dowry demands. And these demands don’t end at “shaadi,” they can go on for life because greed has no limit.

Above all, our society looks down upon the women that walk away from being treated thus. If a woman escapes the violent home she is married into her character is questioned. Another way to put it, our patriarchal society demeans women in all possible ways and leaves no escape for her.


The little fight in us has come to surface and we have decided to take no more of it.

Our fight is against patriarchy that maintains that women are not human but decorative things and objects of pleasure.

Our fight is against us and our former generations. They need to be reminded that everything that comes from an elderly does not have to be right.

Our fight is against the illiteracy that follows the dark, dogmatic footsteps of dowry without questioning the pointless practice.

Our fight is against torturing and killing women.

Our fight is against unquestioned beliefs.

It is time to tell the world:

I am not a refrigerator that comes free with a television so #DowryNoMore.

I will marry when I can provide for my wife so #DowryNoMore.

I have a son and a daughter, I won’t be a part of this buying and selling business so #DowryNoMore.

I am a father of an educated daughter and education is her asset so #DowryNoMore.

I am enough so #DowryNoMore.

And let’s not stop at an e-campaign, there is more that needs to be done. Our society needs change and we are the generation that has to do it.

Join hands with us in our campaign against dowry. All we need is to get people to talk about this evil because a rational argument can kick the shit out of dowry.

A rational argument is all we need!




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