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The Two Faces of Our Society

Two-Faced Society Idea Credits: Rizwan Mujtaba

This picture depicts the current state of our two-faced society. If you are studying at a University in Pakistan you must have come across a situation like this.

We are the people that cry and whine about Islam, morals, principles, dupattas, burkas, women need to cover themselves and all this crap but we really do everything. By everything I mean all colleges and universities have these particular spots where students make out or are caught making out. Anyway, I don’t find anything wrong with making out, it’s pretty harmless but not in our society. In our society, making out or getting laid is a phenomenon that only men proudly associate themselves with.

A female caught making out is a dishonor to her family and obviously, a whore. But that doesn’t mean that girls don’t make out in our society, they do. Almost all of them do but they can’t say it out loud, they have been taught to hide under dupattas and burkas.

Like I always say_ confused is our morality, sorry is our state.




3 comments on “The Two Faces of Our Society

  1. Maryam Jamil
    September 5, 2013

    all the people are not like that

  2. nida
    October 8, 2013

    as in on the day of judgemnt males will not be answerable to their Lord…. Hahahhaha sch a shame to theology …. Dobule standards!!!! Malicious Teachings

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