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Mankind, so Inherently Divided

Our proliferation rate matches that of the microbes and since we are much more visible we create much more turbulence in the world than they do. Multi-cellular beings do not usually grow at this rate; even the dinosaurs could not have infected the ecosystem like we have. And there is one thing we have done even better than multiplying, and that is dividing.

The major division is of course the two particular genders; male and female. And since Yahweh, the first monotheistic male god, it has been silently declared that men are more superior to women. There is no point going into the details but if you really want to know how it was before Yahweh, read Karen Armstrong or any other expert on pre-historic religion.

Coming back to the divisions, the evolved or created (the big debate that I will keep out of) male and female Homo sapiens had more than genital differences; they were different in colour, height and built. Some of them were stronger, athletic and quick because that was all that mattered. The stronger were better hunters, they had more food to live on and they survived beasts and diseases. The weak were looked down upon. Now, I don’t know that for a fact but looking at us at the moment makes me pretty confident about this assumption.

Now I wasn’t told by a divine deity how evolution took place but of course home sapiens were evolving here and there. The ones in the North were fair, the ones near the equator were doomed but they probably didn’t know it then. And because those people did not have jet planes, they were not able to interact swiftly. As a result of having no jet planes, they never met each other and so they thought the earth belonged to them, just them.

The weak were devastated but they wanted to survive as much as the strong people did so they decided to create a supernatural being that could, maybe, help them. They made a god. But obviously, every person had his own god and so there was this problem of whose god is better. So a few gods got rejected because they were not very good at whatever they did, and a few others got approved. The approved gods became popular. And the people were divided again because they worshipped different gods.

Now these gods never could have warned them about people like them elsewhere so the primitive man was just happily singing and taking a nice, clean bath with cold water when an alien species came and destroyed it all. The alien species were the Homo sapiens of another place. After plenty of bloodshed, they decided to talk it through and when they did, they found out about more gods. Sadly, both the tribes were of the faith that the earth was solely for them to exploit. Amidst all this bloodshed, X had killed Y and Y’s son was told by his god to revenge his father. Y’s son, the obedient worshipper, put on his leather boots and marched to X’s house to kill him and bring back his head to his god or something. So he did. This goes on until we have two countries, and those primitive Home sapiens.

Coming to the point, religion divides. Man is divided in countries, religion, class, societies, castes, ethnicities and in all of this bullshit, he has forgotten about peace and love. You don’t need a god to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. Every person knows the difference and the sense of morality is within us but we do otherwise, very often.

There is nothing wrong with religion unless it comes out on the streets and kills innocent people. There is something wrong with ideologies when those making them just sit in their protective fortresses and send young soldiers to die for their decisions.




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