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A Letter to My Patriarchal Society

My Patriarchal Society,

I am the future of women in this country. I will not be suppressed and I will not be taken for granted. I will live my dreams and I will stand up for my rights.

I will be educated and I will get a job. I will work where I want to and I will study where I want to. I will ride my bicycle to the university and I will raise questions on your beliefs. I will stand tall in front of the men of my class and beside them. I will work with them and work better than them. I will ace my class and I will go to Stanford.

I will climb mountains. I will become a paratrooper. I will fly planes and I will serve my nation. I will be a programmer and I will be the best. I will become the Prime Minister, I will become the President. I will steer this nation out of darkness and into light.

I will wear what I find fit. I will dance in the rain and make a video of it. I will fall in love and I will do it as many as it makes me happy. You will not kill me, you will not burn me. You will not harm me for your sick notion of honor.

I will give birth to a daughter and a son. I will not burry my infant daughter. I will not send my daughter to an Urdu-medium school and my son to an English-medium school. I will teach my daughter to keep her chin up and I will teach my son to respect women. My son will not be one of you. He will stand equal to my daughter and to all the women of this nation. He will not rape them, he will not kill them for his honor and he will not hate them.

I am not a toy and I am not a puppet. I am not a doormat and I am not a doll. You cannot keep me in chains and you cannot keep me locked in your house. I am not your servant; I am not your maid. I am your equal and I will fight for that place.


The Future of Women in this Country


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