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Why am I Pro-life?

Fetus week 9-10

Fetus week 9-10 (Photo credit: lunar caustic)

I am pro-life and it may come to you as a surprise because I am a liberal. I think being gay is perfectly alright and the gender you sleep with has nothing to do with how moral you are. I think if there is a God he doesn’t care if you are a man sleeping with a man or a woman sleeping with a man or anything at all. I think men and women are equal. I think the religion can be kept away from all the worldly dealings and it could really help considering the current circumstances.

I think you go to hell for hurting another human being and if you can’t learn your six “Kalamas” God won’t be displeased, nor will he care much if you can’t pray.

So yes, call me a liberal but a liberal who is pro-life. The subject of the blog is abortion and I am against it. And no, I don’t think it’s “haram” to use contraception. I know that my belief that abortion is wrong makes me pair-up with the Mullahs but I am sure our arguments are not the same. And that’s how you evaluate a belief, with its arguments. While the Mullahs would have their theory that contraception is haram, I believe it’s not. I believe it’s more of a blessing and one should use two different sorts of them together to make sure they don’t conceive if they don’t want to.

My belief does not hold in circumstances where another life is at risk but if that is not the case I don’t see who has the right take a life. The premise of my argument is that no one has a right to claim life. Hence, try very hard to not conceive and I don’t think you will if you are responsible enough but if you do, don’t murder it.

The pro-choice people have this argument that has something to do with the developmental stages of the foetus and so they try really hard to figure out when the foetus has life. Accordingly, for them, it is alright to kill it if doesn’t have a heartbeat but that’s silly. And if you look into the beliefs of even more liberal liberals you will find that they think the foetus can be aborted until he is able to survive on his own. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that even children aged 3 or 5 don’t survive on their own. In which case, people who are pro-choice should be alright with female infanticide too.

Firstly, everyone who has taken human biology would know that the basic unit of life is a cell and so it’s alright to say that a cell is alive. The protoplasm in the cell is a living matter so it is definitely alive.

And if I go with the assumption that the foetus is not alive till it has a heartbeat then it is okay to say that the foetus is like a chair. But why would you break a chair if it depended on you? And why on earth would you break a chair that you know would develop into a being that is going to have birthdays, graduation parties, anniversaries and much more. Why would you kill another human-being-to-be? Especially if it has caused you no harm and it’s your fault that it is here.

In the light of Philosophy, abortion doesn’t fit John Rawl’s principles of justice and neither does it fit J.S. Mill’s harm principle.  Rawl says, “Each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive basic liberty compatible with a similar liberty for other.” Therefore, if you have the right to come to life so does that foetus. And Mill says, “Only purpose for which power can be exercised against a person’s will is to prevent harm to others_ for his own good is not a sufficient warrant.” Therefore, don’t kill it for his own good and if you don’t have money enough to give him a quality life, it’s not the foetus’s fault, it’s yours.

You don’t need authorities and laws to tell you killing is wrong. And we know that laws haven’t done such a great job in the past either. Black people were not human enough once and it was alright to kill them. And now you know we are all equal? So why the discrimination against foetuses? Are they too black for your taste? Too female for your taste perhaps? Or just too young? And too dependent?


4 comments on “Why am I Pro-life?

  1. khanraza56
    June 27, 2013

    “The premise of my argument is that no one has a right to claim life. ”
    Firstly, I don’t think anyone is denying that a foetus isn’t alive, but rather that the life it has isn’t human yet.
    Secondly, if you don’t make that distinction, what about cancer cells? We try to kill them. Should we not just because they have life? But they are trying to harm us you might say. Well that’s our fault, one could argue, for not taking care of ourselves, for enabling conditions for them to grow in the first place. It’s not their fault. It’s ours. Plus we’re trying to harm them too, aren’t we? Or is there a distinction between life forms? Between human and inhuman? Between the life of a fertilized egg and and that of a human?
    Thirdly, the child that you say will celebrate life might also end up being so horrified by the world you seem so eager to welcome it to, that it might kill itself. Not that it is the killing itself that we should try to avoid by aborting it, but rather the intense suffering that would precede it. These arguments (yours and mine) seem Utilitarian. Can we honestly say whether the life in question would be celebrated or dreaded more?
    Not sure if my points are coherent or make much sense, but here they are off the top of my head. Thoughts?

    • hadeelnaeem
      June 27, 2013

      Thanks for commenting. 😀

      Well yeah, cancer cells are harmful, that’s one thing. And I see why you would say cancer is our fault but I don’t really think so. And also, about the living cell thing, I am only trying to understand what is it that they consider human. I mean they want a beating heart or a brain? Maulanas want a soul and somehow they think they know when it enters the body. When is the ‘thing’ going to be human enough for people to not kill? That’s my point.

      And yeah, I guess somewhere at the end I gave in to utilitarianism but then let’s just say it’s up to the child to decide. Let’s see if he likes it or not, celebrates it or dreads it. We are just no one to kill it.

  2. Mark Boone
    August 4, 2013

    And it certainly doesn’t fit Aristotle’s metaphysics. The fetus has a soul from conception. (A philosopher named Patrick Lee has written on this sort of thing somewhere, I believe.)

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