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Is Economic Inequality Justifiable?

Economic inequality is not the kind of state a society should be in but the fact remains that man is selfish by nature. This makes economic inequality inevitable. A socialist society barely remains socialist for long because inequalities arise. I believe the main reason for inequality apart from man’s selfishness is man’s choice. People make different choices and because of their different choices they stand  at different positions in life.

We know so many rich people who went poor and so many poor people who became rich. It is because of the choices they make. If X, Y and Z are given the same circumstances, the same education, the same upbringing, the same amount of money to being with, they will still end up in different economic positions. X might become richer than Y only because of the choices he makes. Y might choose too take it slow and X might work very hard.

However, I am in favor of eradicating economic inequality. I believe in a fair distribution of wealth no matter who earns it. I believe the nature has been designed as a society. There could be one person on one planet, I am sure there are that many planets. But this is not the case. Nature gives us a setting of a society. It gives us resources and the nature does not label the resources for anybody. I am not in favor of boundaries between countries. I am not in favor of any sort of division in nature. Everything is equal. We were all supposed to work together and reap equally.

Economic inequality is due to boundaries. Rousseau probably said something similar. Man should not be divided into races, classes, countries, colors, religions and even families. This is the only way to eradicate economic inequality but then it is almost impossible.

So, I guess, my view is that economic inequality is not justified but it is inevitable. I would like to have arguments for my view but I must admit, I speak without justification. I have no arguments for my view. Economic equality feels the right thing and I need to have a rationale for my view.


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