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Nabeel Hassan and Philosophy


Nabeel Hassan

FC College Graduate

Writer at Asianaries

Deviant Art Page


Why is there something rather than nothing?

I guess had there been nothing, this question would have not existed. There can never be ‘nothing’ there is always something. Take Vacuum for example; even vacuum itself is ‘something’. I believe there can NEVER be a true nothing.
“There is always something” is one thing I like to say.

Who are we?

Humans, I believe we are a figment of this vast universe. A blink in comparison to how old the universe is.

Where do we come from?


What is consciousness?

The fact that I know I’m typing on my keyboard, the fact that I am aware of what’s happening on the computer screen, hell, consciousness is being alive!

Where are we going to?

As in after death? I don’t know, but I like to believe we live on as spirits, or the feeling you have when you are asleep. Without dreaming that is.

Is there a God? Why?

Scientifically, because evolution is like a life cycle. There is an order to it; we on the other hand, seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

What is truth?

When you ask me if I was staring at your breasts, and I answer yes I was, that my friend is the truth. However, a more appropriate answer would be: that truth is all about being true to YOURSELF.

What is good and what is evil?

To some Good may be evil, to others Evil may be good. Take the example of Robin hood, get my drift? I would explain more but I am way too tired for that.  In short, good and evil cannot be judged from ONE PERSPECTIVE only.

Do we have a “free will”?

Alas, this is one question that is heavily debated over. Yes, we do, we have free will, however, we are chained to the norms of society.

How can we be happy?

By doing something that makes us happy, keep on finding things that make us happy. When a person is at peace they are happy. I would say I am Happy. I am Thankful to God for that.

What is the meaning of life?

To Live, To Love, To Hate, To.. But I guess that hardly answers your question. The meaning of life… ‘?’ That’s the meaning of life.



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