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Just like Yoda and Socrates

Already know you that which you need…

Now that is not unheard of, especially if you take epistemology. It is actually the first thing you learn when you get into the epistemological theories. This Socrates‘ theory. He though knowledge comes from the mind, it is within us. All we need to do is recollect it.

Where does he say that? The Meno by Plato is about how Socrates demonstrates where knowledge comes from. He asks a slave boy about geometry that he has never


Yoda (Photo credit: pirate johnny)

learned before and the slave boy answers all the questions successfully because he only has to recollect them.

Now where is this quote from? It is from Yoda, the Jedi Master of Star Wars. These were amongst the last few words he says to young Luke Skywalker. Yes, Star Wars is full of Philosophy. Next time you watch the series, do it more carefully and think about every dialogue you hear. They mean so much more than you could give them credit for.


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