Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Is it moral? Is it religious? Or just stupid?

The presumed connection between morality and religion is strong but false too.

Transferring your sins to a chicken is just stupid. Jews have this thing about circling the chicken around their head and then slaughtering it. Now I won’t call it morally wrong because I don’t want to get into the animal killing debate at all.

Sattee, is morally wrong and easily the worst of them all. What takes away her right to live if her husband died?

If there is such a thing as (‘wajib-ul-qatl’) mandatory to kill those who convert from Islam to another religion, it is morally wrong. Just because a person wants to have category X of beliefs and not Y anymore, you have no right to take his life.

There is nothing morally wrong with eating bacon!

There is nothing morally wrong about killing a cow if and only if it is alright for you to kill any other animal. Again, this statement leaves aside the killing animals or not debate. All I am trying to say is that if you can kill a pig, you can kill a cow too. Nothing makes one animal superior than another.

How is listening to music morally wrong? Is it religiously wrong? Yes, according to some beliefs.

And there are many more.



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