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George Lucas, the Prophet!

This blog is for people like me who did not know before this day that George Lucas was a prophet too. He brought to us the religion, Jediism. No pun intended. People take Jediism as seriously as the first Muslims took Islam and they believed they are being oppressed almost similarly. They do realize, so far, that their religion has come out of a work of fiction but they believe in it just as sincerely as people do for other religions. People of this religion live by the Jedi code:

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no death, there is the Force.

The Force is their everything and it is the kind of god that you can interact with. This brings them closer to sufism, as I see it, than any other religion. They believe the soul merges with the force after death which is also to say that God is everywhere, again one of the Sufi beliefs.

The final computer-generated Yoda as seen in t...

The final computer-generated Yoda as seen in the film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This religion teaches peace more than anything and that is the biggest problem with Anakin as we see. A true Jedi knight needs to be in peace with himself and with everything else. He cannot possess passions. Where your religion demands you to be passionate in your love for God and your religion, this religion teaches you to keep your calm no matter what. The Jedi Master, Yoda, is the example of peace in these movies. He keeps calm in the worse of situations. This quality of Yoda can be compared to another awesome fictional character, Dumbledore.

Look at this atheistic question that my mind just came up with: What if our religion was brought up in a similar way. Someone wrote a book and then someone thought of abiding by it because they became such big fans of the book. Also, note how Jediism is a religion that has merged the prevalent religions of the world and has found a new name for itself. Doesn’t that remind you of how Islam is hybrid of Judaism and Christianity, they choose a few beliefs from either and maybe there are even more religions involved, who knows.

It is easier to believe that our religion came to being the same way Jediism did than with a prophet sitting in a cave getting messages from Allah. But what can you say, mankind likes to believe in the unlikely.

There is so much more about Anakin that one can analyze and there are millions of messages hidden in Star Wars, waiting to be unleashed. The definition of right and wrong would be the best topic:

How are Sith Lords different to Jedi Knights?

Why does Anakin not fit in either?

Only religions are carved as finely as Star Wars!


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