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Shouldn’t all intelligent people be rich?

For Rousseau, natural inequality cannot be translated to moral or political inequality.

It is important to understand what Rousseau means by natural inequality and what he means by political or moral inequality. Natural or physical inequalities are created by God, like color, age, strength, intelligence, health, etc and moral inequalities include the inequalities that come about with power, wealth, honor, etc.

It’s a common belief and even a common sense belief that if you are intelligent you will be more rich. Rather, we see that around us all the time. If you are more beautiful you will probably go a long way in the fashion industry and if you have a geeky brain you will probably make some new robot and be very rich on day.

We know for sure that Rousseau, in his book, the Discourse on the Origins of Inequality has rejected the idea of a link between physical and political inequality. He does not think natural inequality can lead to the other kind and his argument is:

1. To believe in such a link would mean that you are just being servile and you cannot stand up to your master to tell him that nature did not make him any superior to you.

2. If this link is true, all beautiful people should be rich in fashion industry and every smart man should have a lot of wealth on him. Since, this is not the case, therefore the link is not possible. This form of argument is called Modus Tollens.


4 comments on “Shouldn’t all intelligent people be rich?

  1. dapperdolly
    November 16, 2012

    I agree with this point of his that you’ve highlighted, I don’t believe we live in a meritocratic society. I think ‘who you know’ goes a long way in the world and ‘what you know’ applies more to other people rather than subjects when successful on a career ladder. Not all of the time, but much of the time.

    I really don’t think there should be ‘rich’ or ‘poor’, I don’t believe that anyone can truly ‘earn’ billions for example. I also think that kindness should get more attention as a factor in being better person.

  2. hadeelnaeem
    November 16, 2012

    Those are very interesting ideas that you have put in this brief comment. Even Rousseau wanted kindness to get a little more attention and he believed natural man had it in his soul to be kind to others. And the whole account of how he loses all of that in his desire for recognition is good philosophy. Really good.

  3. emmanuel 4 Jesus
    April 5, 2013


  4. emmanuel 4 Jesus
    April 5, 2013

    I appreciate your respond thanks a million

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