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Successfully avoided the treadmill but Plantinga got me.

Well, so the day starts as usual at like 12 ‘o’ clock and I take my breakfast in bed. I pull myself together and walk to the bathroom; I walk by my lovely treadmill. I remind myself how important it is to keep it going. I only started yesterday and I, well, panted on it for like 15 minutes with a little bit of walking and jogging obviously. So I think to myself how important it is that I workout 17 minutes today and gradually increase 2 minutes everyday.

I come out of the bathroom, try not to look at the treadmill and go to the kitchen for my usual glass of mango tang. I watch TV then. And hours later, I still watch TV. I watch the darned TV for  straight 6 hours. I watch movies after movies and movies again.

I get up and try not to look at the treadmill. I walk to the terrace and have another glass of juice. It is time for me to tread on the treadmill but I just go inside and get my turn on my PC. My dad is always youtubing on it. I check my mail and there it is. Dr. Miller’s reply:

“How wonderful to get you greetings and you may be very sure that Mrs. Miller and I miss you very much too.  In fact, I just added a remark on your Facebook this afternoon (it’s afternoon here while it is early morning for you).  I also re-read your critique of Plantinga’s basic beliefs concept a couple of days ago.  You’ve done a good job and I like your analytic approach.  You ought to send it to Plantinga and get his responses and/or clarifications.  You can still contact him through the University of Notre Dame or by means of the Society of Christian Philosophers (of which he is a member).  I will visit your blog; thanks for letting me know about it.”

As I read my face gets bigger and bigger.

1. Re-read your critique of Plantinga’s basic beliefs 😮

2. You have done a good job. 😀

3. You ought to send it to Plantinga. :O

Plantinga is like THE ALVIN PLANTINGA!

I have been a school girl jumping here and there all evening. I forgot all about the treadmill and rushed into mailing Dr. Plantinga my paper. Now I am waiting for his reply, fingers-crossed. 😀

The paper I am talking about is right here if somebody wants to check it out.

Final Capstone Paper


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