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Bows to Jack Bowen for the Perfect Introduction to Philosophy

People like Jack Bowen and Jostein Gaarder make Philosophy available to children. These books are not for Philosophy majors at all but they can still be an interesting read. The Dreamweaver is both different and similar to Sophie’s World. One difference is that Sophie’s a girl and Ian’s a boy and the other difference is that the authors have taken a different approach to sum up philosophy. Gaarder has put History of Philosophy in a better way than most of our course books do. And Bowen, on the other hand, listed Philosophy into its main categories and in he talks about all the important ans complex ideas of philosophy in the simplest of way.

The intention of the author is clear. He has put philosophy in the middle of an intriguing story so the child reads on to find out what happens to Ian and learns so much on his way. Ian is in a dream but the dream is more real than reality and most of the times he cannot distinguish between them. This is where he is taught to think if reality is important at all and how.

Ian is exposed to problems in every chapter. These problems are put in simple words in this book but they are the serious problems of philosophy. Ian finds out how whatever he has been taught is not so true after all and his common sense does not get him anywhere at all. Time and again his parents come to his rescue and they help him out with solutions to all his problems. These solutions too are the philosophical arguments by different philosophers over time. Together the teacher and the parents are making Ian the child of the future.
I think we need this, we need philosophy in our curriculum. I understand Pakistan does not have a chance at all here but may be the developed countries could take this step. No matter how useless philosophy looks, it is at the end of the day, the only subject that deals entirely with human life and the universe.


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