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Don’t you think? Entry 1

If I look deep into things I am lost. I know people have their theories about everything. I have understood why the theories overlap; it’s because humans generate these theories and we have more or less the same nature. I know history is the most intriguing subject. Particularly, because humans have a very long history and that very long history has been interpreted by people in many ways. It’s interesting how people that dwell together have the same kind of beliefs. My classification is somewhat I like this:

Have you seen how time and place are both very important factors here? People of the same time think almost alike and people of the same region also have same beliefs. We can’t however deny that there are some exceptions to this rule but then lets go with the Cateris Parebus thing here.

Has it ever intrigued you how Christians, Muslims and Jews have so much in common. I know it’s easier for a believer to think like that. All he has to accept is ‘well, we have the same god.’ But I don’t think atheists have an answer as simple as that. What do they think?

Why does everyone want Jerusalem? Why do they all have prophets in common? Are they all really people of the book? Believers of the same religion that has evolved over time or is there a better explanation to it all?

This was only step one. my curiosity sometimes goes even beyond this. Have you ever wondered why the course of the world was set on particular rules. Why was happiness made good and Sadness made evil? Why do we want to be happy and not sad? This comes to why is justice right and why is love the right thing to do. Aren’t we causing inequality by choosing a few emotions and calling them better than others. Sad and happy, after all, are the same thing. They are just two emotions already eternally present in the world or created by someone. Why is that we choose a few above the others. Why is love right and jealousy wrong. Actually, why is right right and wrong wrong when wrong and right should have been the same. 

Don’t you think all that


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This entry was posted on January 29, 2012 by in Journal.
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