Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

What was 2011 like?

My favourite song at the end of this year was “How I could just kill a man” by Rage against the machine.

Although, Awake by Godsmack was really on the list most of this year. And I must mention a few more songs I really developed a huge liking for in 2011. Here is a list:

Eye of the beholder by Metallica

The god that failed by Metallica

Enter Sandman by Metallica

Don’t tread on me by Metallica

Releasing the demons again by Godsmack

Vodoo by Godsmack

Hallowed by thy name by Iron maiden

Dance of death by Iron maiden

From the movies I have watched this year I can definitely not remember a lot of names but ‘Wag the Dog’ was fucking epic. Nothing like it. No sir. ‘Beaver’ was lame. ‘Hesher’ was fine to watch but nothing special really. ‘X Men First Class’ was really good. I liked the philosophy ‘repo-man’ portrayed; the same thing Descartes was talking about. ‘The Next Three Days’ was extremely good, I just took it like a love story; I don’t know why. It was all about how much he wanted his family together, to me. ‘Arthur’ was fun but I have to say I liked ‘Paul’ better. ‘I am number four,’ ‘Hall pass,’ and ‘Beastly’ were completely bogus. And, I don’t think I can remember any other right now. Oh yeah ‘Season of the witch’ scared the shit out of me, one night.

I was planning on putting together a scrapbook this year. Just started arranging a few memories right at the end of this year. Haven’t done much so far but I think 2012 looks good for the scrapbook.

I was about to die this year (Oh that’s a good one). I went through, let’s see, dengue, pleural effusion, pneumonia, typhoid and hepatitis. Boy, I was totally popular with illness this year.

2011 was the best valentine and the best birthday ever.

The beginning of the year was terrific: no lessons, frozen semester, a complete bunk from college, hangouts at Raws and a hell lot of sheesha.

The beginning was followed by a hectic spring semester. I took 5 courses and passed all of them, a few with A grades. My transcript started going back up again. The best part of the spring semester was Logic and Modern Philosophy. I bunked most of Philosophy of religion (It was definitely not my thing.). Commercial Biotechnology was a pain in the ass, the very literal kind. I did put up with some serious bitchiness. Immunology was really not my thing at all.

At the end of spring, Zubair Maamoo got married. The graduation party was a blast and the Art Junction made new friends. Tarhab, curly haired and funny. Mirza Bhai, hilarious and a good person. Komel, a very quite, humble and good-to-be-with kind of a person. I had fun with them. 

The spring semester was followed by a lazy summer and again A HELL LOT OF SHEESHA. No classes at all and not many outings either but happy times. Though, around that time I took over Writers Inc. for a while and it was enjoyable. Yes yes. I had fun doing that. But then I took a day’s break for another potluck and that potluck turned out pretty interesting. Half day through I was all wrapped in a blanket shivering with fever.

Well, then a months illness. This hospital and that hospital. Made a lot of new nurse friends. My HB dropped like hell so Amina Qadir and Maria Hussain were my blood donors.

The Art Junction included a few new members this year: Shua Khalid, a very polite freshmen. Ali Mesum, a talented intermediate boy and his shy friend Ahmad.Also, Usama Nasim, the most interesting of the new Junkies.

The fall was anything but cold so I would say winter has been really lame so far. Sheesha is right where it usually is, the peak. Biotechnology is dominant if you look at my timetable and though it isn’t going awesome I am glad I haven’t quit so far. Irteza’s birthday was fun. I did the Metallica cake thing finally and I am really glad. Though the cake was Khawar’s gift. Smile

Oooh and Nabeel broke up again this year. Shahnab left and came back this year. Irteza told his mother this year.  I told my mother this year. Our mothers are talking this year. This does sound really stupid. Cherry’s brother Sherry bhai is getting married. His wedding night was the 31st of December, 2011. I didn’t go to the wedding but I have heard about some interestingly whorish details. Smile

Lastly, I also learned I talk in my sleep, this year.

Here are a list of my favourites at exactly 23:09, 1st January, 2011.

1. Khawar is my best girl friend.

2. Irteza is my best guy friend.

3. Wag the dog is my favourite movie.

4. How I could just kill a man is my favourite song right now. 

5. I have exactly 7 pairs of jeans. I am rich yes. Not many tops though.

6. I own a leather coat sadly, I wish I could burn it.

7. I have huge income plans this year.

8. My favourite colour is black, brown or blue right now.

9. I am still insanely in love with pizzas, subs and the changing looks of gmail, facebook, etc.

10. I am dreading Imran Khan as my ruler in a few years time and this lame revolutionary spirit of the country is making me sick. I hope to do something about it.

11. My favourite show is friends. I just saw the 8th, 9th and 10th seasons a few days ago and I want to own the others too. I think, right now, friends can beat all the others.


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