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With coffee comes everything else.

Free will makes us do a lot of things. Find the fattest history book and you will find what free will has made us do all these years. The question of free will has to be the biggest question on the face of the earth. It all started, probably, from hunting of beasts and then went on to hunting each other for survival. You hunt beasts to fulfill your basic needs, once that is out of the way, you go on to the more critical situation; the rule. Equality was never meant to be. If we were supposed to be equal we would not have been selfish. However, man is completely and naturally selfish to the core. There is probably nothing he can do about it. One, he cares about nothing but himself. His belongings are everything to him. Money and material matters to him and it matters more than anything else. If its not the basic material that matters to him, it is the other sort of material that matters to him, for example, fame and integrity. If not that, then all he cares for is his family. He is selfish and does not give a rat’s ass about the next door neighbor. If he doesn’t fall into this category he is a fucking patriot. All he cares about is his pathetic country and the rest of the world is just not there for him.

So, man is selfish at every possible level. And equality was just not meant to be. We were born to hunt, snatch and live. If I am stronger I would get myself more chicken then the other person. This would make us unequal but should it really create a problem amongst us? Again, if there is a corn field and people are out there picking corn for themselves, the stronger or the smarter will help themselves to more corn than the less smart ones. So selfish we may be and we are working only for ourselves but we are getting as far as we can go. How does a system like this become crazy? One, the scarcity of the material object we are talking about is the main problem. Resources have always been limited. There is never a corn field for two people, it is two corns for a group of people and that’s where you kill. You kill for the two corns.

Now why did we feel the need to create a system that fairly distributes the two corns amongst the group and that tries every possible way to avoid a fight over the resource? If we could just let people fight and let the winner walk away with food it would be very much like animals and (to be honest) easier. But what we really do is set a system for distribution. Here we stand facing another crucial problem. WHO GETS TO BE THE JUDGE? Now you need to make one person better than the others. There goes equality. You choose, from amongst yourself, a person who can judge or overlook the system of distribution. The judge is powerful, obviously. Now everyone wants to be the judge. How do you get a judge? Democracy? Monarchy? Oligarchy? What is it going to be for you? Whatever it is, it will never be fair. People give the judge the power to rule him/her. We decided we want law and a system that governs us and keeps us from running loose like maniacs. We decided we want people in power to make sure we abide by the rules of a society. And we decided to live in a society to help each other with most of the things. Man learned too soon that he would have to work in groups to survive. Survival for an individual has threats from the literal beasts as well as the hypothetical beasts. Alone, is just not the way man was meant to be. He has been given another gender and the ability to produce offspring to make sure he is not alone.

Any form of government we choose will backfire on us because our governments are a part of us. The judge we choose comes from us. He might have more resources but he is similar to us. There can be no complaints of deceit and treachery against him because any other person governing us would do the same. Free will is not an illusion. We really do have freedom but we choose to give it up to form this different kind of society. I society that is different from one that is inevitable.

We do have free will but our path is destined. It has been set particularly because free will leads to just one direction. We give a share of our free will up to prevent the inevitable but all we do is postpone it. Our choices make one path and we all move on that path, our attempts to deviate are futile. We make choices and give up our free will to some extent, hoping we can change our route. We construct systems to ensure peace but this chaos is inevitable. This chaos follows free will. 


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