Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

As random as it gets.

Now it has been a very long time but that is all I am going to say here.  Let bygones be bygones because I am going to spend more time with randomness today.

The good thing is I have my own personal computer now. Which means I have all the time to write. There is only a little flaw in my extra-awesome plan, my back hurts all the time now.

Secondly, I have chose One Note 2010 for my favourite application and it hurts me to abandon Google here but I have to give this one to Microsoft.

I was just reading a few random blog posts and I have come to the point that people need to stop faking themselves before anything else. I have uber dislike for all the gaylords who take so long to make a fake-them. Now lying is faking but there is a difference. I have people around me who lie just for the heck of it. Their lie is not meant to show they are cool and it is not meant to harm anyone in any way. They lie, either to make people laugh or to just add their share of ideas to the day. Since, they are all out of ideas, they just invent ideas. Those inventions are usually lies but harmless ones. This is what my friend, Rabiya Khawar, does. Another kind of harmless lie is the one I call Karim-Yousaf-Kamal-Lie. This one’s especially funny. It is the lamest in form and structure and it is told to seek attention. The best part of this lie is that it is told pretty seriously but it can make you LOL pretty badly. Also, you have to dramatize it a lot. At first, you need to pretend you are not going to tell anyone. Then when you have had all the attention from everyone around, you say what you have to say.

That’s about it for today.



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