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Day 5 and stuff.

Hm, blogging everyday is a pain. I had ice-cream today. Not a very big one. Lets see, if I skip dinner, which I don’t really want to, I’ll probably fall into the 1500 calorie restriction limit I have set for myself but if I take dinner I’ll exceed the limit a bit.  I went out shopping again, bough myself a cheap pair of earrings and so the activity scale isn’t really touching zero.

Things are good here. The wedding begins day after tomorrow. No matter how critical I am of how things work around here I have to admit a wedding house is so much fun. I am missing out the graduation party stuff but I am glad Karim and Javeria are helping fine. I am chill because I know Karim’s good with responsibilities and he wouldn’t let Irteza die of burden. Good Good. I am thankful to Behrooz and all the help he has been to Irteza. I am missing out on Mirza bhai’s jokes (sadness).

I like sarees. I know a lot of people around me don’t; people who  try to influence me one way or the other but I have maintained defiance at least here. I like sarees even though my dad doesn’t and my sister doesn’t, even Irteza doesn’t. I like how elegant old women look in sarees. I’d like to look like one of those when I grow up; maybe. Now the maybe is here because of the indecisive me; I can change I know.

I have tried to give a makeover to my blog; this time, without changing the name of my blog and the header. It didn’t work. I added a few html widgets that should have given a doodled background but they didn’t.


Good Thing: I, finally, have yellow pumps!


One comment on “Day 5 and stuff.

  1. Maria
    June 23, 2011

    Do you know me? :p

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