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A happy vacation start.

I definitely hate vacations; they are not my thing at all but I do try to pass time with some craft-work. SO I am off from college and I spent something like 48 hours cleaning the house and another 48 hours changing my room. I made my sitting area really comfortable, with all the things I like exactly on my right hand. Right now, my right side is full of pink and brown stuff. The brown things are mainly the pencil holders (I have plenty of them somehow) and the oink things are my sticky notes. I have all sorts of them. I have blue, green, pink, orange, purple and yellow sticky notes in different sizes.

Another thing I did was pick up a hammer and a few nails from my Dad’s kit and fixed that bad-ass hole in my room. The one that is for air-conditioners. I covered it with something like a corrugated sheet; I tore the piece from a big carton. Well,

1. It covers the hole perfectly, giving it that vintage paper look which is why

2. I think I can pin stuff to it. Stuff I write on my super-awesome sticky notes or pictures and stuff.

Lastly, I succeeded doing this little piece of art..I made bookmarks. I made them just because I had nothing else to do and even though I am sort of reading Paulo Coelho‘s ‘The Zahir‘ I know I need to move my arse a bit. I can’t afford to lie and just read; I’ll go fatter than I am. Here are the bookmarks I made. They are not the best and neither is my camera.



Also, vacations brought me these awesome new shoes. Must have a look.


4 comments on “A happy vacation start.

  1. fz
    June 16, 2011

    Oinky things are indeed sticky. And muddy!

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  3. Hadeel
    June 17, 2011

    What oinky things?

  4. fz
    June 17, 2011

    “the oink things are my sticky notes” haha…

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