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The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism

“I believe that Communism is necessary to the world, and I believe … Bolshevism deserves the gratitude and admiration of all the progressive part of mankind. But the method by which Moscow aims at establishing Communism is a pioneer method, rough and dangerous, too heroic to count the cost of the opposition it arouses. I do not believe that by this method a stable or desirable form of Communism can be established. Three issues seem to me possible from the present situation:

  • The ultimate defeat of Bolshevism by the forces of capitalism
  • The victory of the Bolshevists accompanied by a complete loss of their ideals and a régime of Napoleonic Imperialism
  • A prolonged world-war, in which civilization will go under, and all its manifestations (including Communism) will be forgotten.
By Bertrand Russell

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