Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Yellow again


Long time. I have not been able to post anything for so long particularly because term papers and quizzes have kept me busy. Life has not been very uninteresting. Things happened and I am totally going to blog about them. Blogging about things that happen sort of help me analyse how I feel about things. Naturally, if you think you can tell how you feel a about a moment, good for you but the same does not go for me. I have to sit back, chill and either tell it to someone or write it down to fully concentrate my emotions about a subject and then analyse it. Why I do that? I do not really know. Now it may look like I have been totally slack the past couple of weeks but that is not very true. I have been

  1. Busy writing articles and earning some money
  2. Saving some money for a laptop (via those particular ‘auntee committees’)
  3. Fooling around on the web. I tried a few new things and one that requires a particular mention is pinterest.com. It is where you can make boards by pinning pictures to it. And you can pin almost every picture on the web. I have started a few boards (http://pinterest.com/hadeelness/). One is about metal where I am collecting pictures of all the metal bands and their artists (http://pinterest.com/hadeelness/metal/). The other, and my favourite, is Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is a fashion collection; my fashion actually. It has things I would like to buy or things that are already in my collection. It has pretty much everything that appeals to my eyes (http://pinterest.com/hadeelness/vanity-fair/).
  4. I have been using the word ‘particularly’ quite a lot. I like it. It has a feel to it. It’s neat.

It’s funny how finals are drawing nearer and I am skipping more classes than usual. I will be getting two take home exams tomorrow. That reminds me that I have to recommend take home exams to all the teachers out there. Take home exams are the best. I don’t have to take all the classes; all i have to do is wait till I get the exam paper and then take home and study accordingly. My philosophy teacher is interesting in every way. There is nothing about him I do not like.

And then there is Doctor J. (Dr. Leslye Johnson), my molecular immunology teacher. She wants everybody to pass her course so bad and I love her for that. After the first few quizzes everything else has been really easy.

Oh and I decided Chinatown theme for the graduation party this year and it got approved. Everybody loves the idea. We have to keep up with our repo and the Egyptian party was such a big shot. I think Chinatown would do just fine.


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