Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Work Pisses Me Off

I feel like blogging but I don’t exactly have a specific subject. However, I want to make no further contributions to my random list and  I’d rather write on a subject then just rant about stuff. My mind is definitely not philosophical, I have been writing the darned research paper from the beginning of these holidays. What a bummer. It drains me of all my intellectual stuff. HAHA. I have never really considered myself very intellectual anyway and I am not a fan of my writing. I won’t be a fan of my writing until I keep using words like ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ instead of the particulars I should be using. I am really lame with words; the right one would never click me on time.

Lets evaluate how productive I am. I made spaghetti yesterday. Cooking is good. I worked on my research paper, not bad at all. I helped Rawail get ready for her Farewell Party. That is a definite plus one. I went to my grandma’s place with mum and that is again a social point for me. I didn’t eat much and that is good but this wild craving for something sweet clearly indicates how depressed I am. Somewhere, I think I am depressed. It doesn’t show though. Ah, I just killed a mosquito and that has to be a plus 100. But I am still not up to the mark. I haven’t done Immunology Chapter 2 yet and I am still playing hooky with my Commercialization of Biotechnology assignment. But there is no way I can do them before I am done with Hegel, Marx and their dialectic crap.

Philosophy can be amazingly obnoxious sometimes. Shit, I think I just wrote another random thing. Ha, look at the use of ‘thing,’ I should have used exposition. Or not. Haaahhh. I don’t know. I am kind of tired. Not physically tired. It’s a different feeling actually. I am just not very happy. I am tired of the work and the electricity shutdowns. They are such pissing pissing thingies. 😦 Not again. I am just going to shut up. It’s a lame day and I should have something sweet to be cheerful again.


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