Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Where do I take my shit?

I wonder if people do stuff to improve their thinking. Because I do. I have been pinpointing things to improve thinking. Instead of generalising things I look at them and think more. More than I think usually. I think and think and think and sometimes think again. This helps me think. Now I can think and actually tell things that I usually can’t. When my friend gets up and asks me if I want something to eat, I usually take a lot of time. Since he is standing and all ready to go that puts even more pressure on me and I get nervous. This disturbs my thinking very largely. You will never understand. Only if they could ask me way before time. And give me like ten minutes. I could tell them exactly what I want. So this is what happens. I am under pressure and I say a few names that I don’t really mean. Then I have to either throw the thing away or eat it even if i don’t want to. It is easy to observe and say I am full of shit but that isn’t really the case. I can prove it by reason. I am constipated. Here. There goes your beautiful castle of hate comments. I have been learning languages. I have mastered piglatin in a day and learned a few very serious Spanish words. I know whore is putta is Spanish, isla is island and bonita is beautiful. There is another phrase i get to hear a lot from my immunology teacher. It means ‘shut your mouth’ but I never really got the Spanish version. I have not been writing a lot because I have not been reading a lot. I read a few articles on weight loss (yes I am stuck there) and that is all. I was busy with my presentation and I am glad its out of the way now. I hate presentations. They make me feel dumb. Hmm. Whatelse. Oooh yes. It’s April. I am going to get part one of my birthday gift today hopefully. Dumbbells. Yayy. Now if I don’t lose 5 kilos.. there is something seriously wrong with me.

Alright then. Bubye.



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