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There is No World like Junkie World!

There are different types of people in a university. I can’t number them or categorize them very clearly. There will be some ambiguities as to who falls where exactly. The first type I can think of is of people who stay with their boyfriends or girlfriends. They are occasionally seen talking to random people but 99% of the time the sweethearts are alone with each other and love love. It’s amazing to me how they never get bored of each other.

The second type includes all the loners that are alone because they are not accepted in most friend groups. Now they may pretend that they aren’t interested but they are just faking that to keep their dignity. In fact, they are lonely. Most of these people go home after their classes because they have no business. These people are usually lame, creepy and weird. There is a reason why they are alone. They have awkward manners and people run away from them. They are sad people and I totally pity them. However, some of them are not completely losers. They are people who have recently broken up with their friends. They often get back with their friends or soon make up another group. They are like ‘Jason Newsteads’ and ‘Dave Mustaines.’

There are also people who are spotted alone but not because they are ‘Uriah Heep-ish’ but because they have so much to do. They have 7 courses and a heap of extracurricular waiting for them. Amongst them is my friend Abraham. The only time you will see him around would be when he is putting up posters for an event or when he is energizing himself with a juice box at the cafeteria. They are jolly people (maybe happy and satisfied with all the ways they are utilising their time). I like these kinds of people.

Next are people who love to be by themselves and I would mention Amina Qadir in them. They come to college for classes or activities they are really into. They would stay for a chat but for a very teeny time. And then they would rush back to their yo-land where they can be themselves. Sleep, eat, work, rest and do whatever the heck they do in their rooms. I’d put Apa in the same category because she stays in her own world too. She doesn’t run back home but her world is her phone and you will spot her on her phone if not in class. I like these people too because they are nice to almost everyone and you will spot them socialising a little bit.

Now let’s come to groups. Let’s start with groups that have two individuals. Individuals that are often like Dave Mustaine. They have been kicked out of a larger a group and so they have set off to make their own. But all they succeed in making is a group of two. They are self-proclaimed leaders of their groups and all they are trying to do is have a good time as they once used to. Most of them just do not succeed. Why? Because they are selfish manipulators. They are kicked from their previous groups because of hypocrisy or manipulation. The new group they make constitutes of people who are dumb and blonde and just follow them. These dumb people are used and made to wait like fools and are given the false impression of bestfriendness. I pity the idiots of these groups and detest (or of there is a stronger word, that) the manipulative selfish bastards and whores.

This nest group is the one in which I used to be once, not anymore. These are huge groups that have, say, 20 people and all of them are somehow using the others. They are friends of the very first stage. They talk, even gossip but stay safe. These 20 people are never together; they are always in 5s or 8s, etc. They are connected to each other by one or two members. For instance, X made friend s from her biology class and some from her mathematics class, a few students are with her from her high school so they all meet and make up a group. They usually meet because of X and if X isn’t present the group scatters. All of these people hardly have unity but they are good-hearted people and are on good terms with each other. They aren’t close enough to stand up for each other and they only get together when they want to. I have been the X. In groups like these, if X leaves and all the others fall apart, some dim-witted idiots would blame X for all the damage that the group suffered. To me, this isn’t even a friend group at all.

The next group is of people who have just met each other and are so glad that happened. They usually split in a while in pairs and triplets. They have fun, laugh, bitch and hang out together. They are almost all selfish people using others for a good time. They’d never be there as a friend in need but they would love to come over for a good laugh. These friends are what I call ‘friends for laughs but not for tears.’ If any of them is in need he knows he cannot rely on any of them and he has to either find a random good person around or an old friend. I am not very fond of this kind of group.

The last group is the best kind of group. They are best friends. They have idiots and geniuses but they all respect each other equally. They hangout a lot and have an amazing time. There are different couples amongst them (a big deal of How I Met Your Mother and Friends going on). They evolve like Metallica until the best remain and all the assholes have left. They stand up for each other against anything foreign. They help each other when times are bad and don’t just stick for fun. They work together and share almost everything. They are open to each other and share secrets. Most of the other groups just have selfish people who use others for fun and never ever open up because of their fears. These people are such good friends that they show each other their true faces and accept each other the way they are. If a member leaves because of a fight or a misunderstanding (or any other problem) they try to make him/her come back. If it doesn’t work, they wait on him. These groups take time to build and hypocrisy could never build them. It is important that all the retards that are selfish and try to weaken the group have left before these groups evolve. These groups make history.



7 comments on “There is No World like Junkie World!

  1. Nabeel Hassan
    March 27, 2011

    Hahahahahaha epic! but i guess you forced in too much Metal history in it 😀

  2. Balal Naeem
    March 27, 2011

    You are a keen observer.

  3. Hadeel
    March 27, 2011

    Thank you Balal.

  4. Hadeel
    March 27, 2011

    @Nabeel, I had to make it interesting for iti naa.

  5. aerial_meds
    March 27, 2011

    “The second type includes all the loners that are alone because they are not accepted in most friend groups. Now they may pretend that they aren’t interested but they are just faking that to keep their dignity.”
    I really cannot buy that anyone would like to be lonely. In bits it makes sense perhaps, everybody needs a little space. But otherwise I refuse to believe that anybody is happy being a loner.
    Labelling them as “losers” is cruel and only adds to their problem.

    • Hadeel
      March 27, 2011

      That’s just one type that has to stay alone even if it doesn’t want to. I did mention people who like to have their time and run away home or just be alone. That is another type.
      Why are you being so defensive? Where do you fall?

  6. aerial_meds
    March 27, 2011

    The only subgroup I got from that paragraph was of those loners who had broken away from their friends…

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