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War on Terror_ Nothing is as it appears to be

You cannot have a war on terror because war is what causes terror. Terror to fight terror? In that case, if you successfully ever beat terror you will be left with terror anyway. Your war against the Mad Mullahs might eradicate the Mad Mullahs and maybe their fundamentalism too but you will be left with another kind of terror. This terror is actually the same power that is urging you to join hands in the war on terror. This is where we should listen to Arundhati Roy. When G. W. Bush Junior comes up to the world and says “You are either with us or with terrorists,” we should say “No thank you.” We should let them know that people of the world are barely interested in choosing between a Malevolent Mickey Mouse and the Mad Mullahs. They can both go to hell. What is war on terror? It is Capitalists forcing people to do what they think is right. Democracy is the best system of government and the Iraqi’s deserve a democracy so the best democracy of the world will ensure that people of Iraq get it. Even if most of them are killed during that. Their infrastructure annihilated and their children orphaned while US forces ensure democracy.

My question: What is US doing to the World in the name of democracy, in the name of FREEDOM? Free Trade, corporatization and economic globalisation is freedom to them? Or is it just a message they want to convey. The second face of this economic globalisation is Imperialism. How is imperialism going to take us to freedom? And even worse is this neo-imperialism where the strongest nation of the world is pretty open about what it is doing. They want your resources, they want your land and they want your labour. If you dare oppose, you will be subject to tyranny and war in the name of JUSTICE. I say, bring me the idealists that brought up these ideas; practicing imperialism in the name of democracy and enforcing order in the name of justice. Since when is it order more important than justice? And discipline more important than dignity? They want your natural resources so they will wage war against you and not just any war but War on Terror because it is fucking just.

What do we have to do about it? Well, I have yet to learn that.



A special mention: Javeria Younas Abbasi, thank you for the book. It was enlightening.


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