Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Am I ever going to lose weight?

I’ll be sharing the best ever recipes here very soon. 😀 For now, lets talk about weight loss. Where am I going with it? Nowhere, I think. I am skipping meals and that is anything but healthy. Do I know if that is going to work? Well yes, I do know that it is not going to work but I am going to carry on like this. I’ll be eating what I like ( in less quantity though) and I’ll be skipping everything I do not like_stuff my mum makes me eat.

Would that help? Well, let’s find out. I made spaghetti today and did the laundry this Sunday. My parents and I had a negotiation. Now that I have done these, I am entitled to two brand new jeans. 😀 YAAYYY ME!

Now I am wasting my time on Youtube, looking at all that people do for weight loss. I am looking at Yoga mainly. It’s something I’d prefer for reasons:

a) I like to yoga.

b) I don’t like to sweat.


This is what I am going to do next. It looks good.


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