Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Here is what I totally do not call Photography

These pictures are from my college’s pet show. We had dog’s (big fat dogs) running in and out of the buildings. And retarded guys trying to get noticed because of their pets. Isn’t that a big irony!! You’ll never get noticed otherwise so bring in your big fat dogs to impress the ladies. And yes, let me tell you, it does work. Our gender has a thing for BIG (obviously). It comes naturally, really. So I totally fell in love with a few big dogs but Irteza didn’t let me picture them because of the cheapie guys. So I just have a few lame pictures.

This is Ramla’s cat and she is pretty. She might be a he though, I don’t know. She won the cat competition or something. I don’t know what. It was too hot, I didn’t go to the pet show I just took photos later.

What was this chic doing there, I don’t know. Ha! I use ‘I don’t know’ a lot, don’t I? It’s so lame.

I thought this dog was really cool and the owner was a girl so I took two big pictures. 😀

And there was a magnificent looking parrot too. I was lucky to get a photo of it. Although, I didn’t take this photo. Somebody else did and I transferred a copy to my phone. Here, check it out.

And the last is the ugly dog. I took this picture just to annoy Irteza. I like doing that. 😀


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