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Philosophy Takes Us Nowhere!

When the class ought to be studying about concepts and experiences I am found looking outside the window. What do I look outside the window for? I do that to see if squirrels and crows are doing whatever they are doing for reasons? What are they doing? Crows are hoping and switching branches. The squirrel is chewing on a branch and making those silly jerky movements it does. What does that make you think? I am trying to gather my personal evidences in favour of materialism or in rejection to it.

These animals could not be thinking like I am right now so there goes idealism. If I have a brain, a mind that can think and a mind that has concepts that are prior to my body than why don’t the squirrels and crows? If concepts come late for them and they have a body than does it not conclude that materialism is the way of change and not idealism? However, it can be argued that squirrels do have concepts. That is pretty much why they don’t just dumbly sit with you and bite your ass. They know you are going to kick their asses. How do they know it? Experience? Instinct? Experience that will build up learning and concepts? I don’t know. And I barely care. But honestly, can’t materialism and idealism walk hand in hand? No! Because Imperialism (even the one labelled as Democracy) and Communalism can’t.

It all takes us nowhere. Philosophy takes us nowhere.



2 comments on “Philosophy Takes Us Nowhere!

  1. Balal Naeem
    March 21, 2011

    I know about philosophy as much as a cow does 😛

    Good to see you blogging though 🙂 Keep it up!


    • Hadeel
      March 21, 2011

      🙂 Thank you.

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