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The Dogs and the Monas

That is so Mona!

Today was interesting in a number of ways. I got my nails painted after such long time. Maheen’s nail colour, blood red, and Manan painted them for me. I am at the schools dhaba at 8 everyday, even though my class is 10-ish. It’s usually Manan, Maheen and me and then Irteza and Nabeel tag along. Around 10 and sometimes before that we all scatter and go to our classes or other businesses. This has been going on for like a week and there is big-ass randomness in what we talk about. Manan, after a lot of fussing, agreed on enlightening us (maybe just me because all others already knew it) about the original sin story. I don’t know but our demented version was pretty hilarious.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I saw a sick dog on my way to school and there was something odd about it but I can’t recall. Ah yes, he was anorexic. He reminded me of Mona and I got lost in my thoughts about if he would be as smelly as her.
School day was altogether fun. It ended with amazingly hilarious stories from the Bebe and Irteza, and Mona and Irteza period. We did run into the details of our relation; told Maria and Nabeel how we started off. That is one heck of a story but it isn’t really for this blog. Not even for my children (HAHA).
I have a “khajoor” with my to-be-mother-in-law on Friday. Dude, is that awkward OR WHAT!!! I am psyched but all clumsy and uneasy about it at the same time. Plus, I don’t see why people who are about to get into a relation like this one should meet at Minigolf? Duh? Awkwardness amplified that is.
Why is my dad making French fried for dinner? I am supposed to be on a diet? Well I am supposed to do a lot of things and time is galloping like a bitch (if bitches do that). I mean, here I am thinking I have a month for my presentation and it’s almost there. I have a damned quiz on Tuesday and a paper to submit. I hate work load; don’t they know? By the way, high five! I got an A negative on my Logic’s assignment. It was ridiculously tricky so I am proud of myself. The best part is I am all up-to-date with classes. I absolutely love that.
Another awesome part of the day was 5 pm. It was super-duper sexy. Only because the WAPDA guy fell in crazy, blind-tareen love with me and let my computer be blessed with electricity. And then, I watched Megamind. I have no words whatsoever; the movie was bewitching (hmm, those are words, aren’t they?). The intriguing part was when Metro man is alive but he chooses music over saving people. Even though he sucked at music and was pretty damn awesome at saving the day. My mum and dad would never take it but people do not always want to do what they are best at. It looks like a rule but it isn’t. People expect it from you because you are good at it and they never ask you what you want. I was all about A grades once and my parents labelled me, now they have extra high expectations. Even though I know I can give them what they want but I just do not want to. Why don’t they even try to figure what I want? Maybe because I don’t know it myself. Huh, nobody refutes one’s self like I just did.:)


3 comments on “The Dogs and the Monas

  1. aerialmeds
    March 20, 2011

    You’re engaged already? Jeez, whats the rush…

    • Hadeel
      March 21, 2011

      Dude, the world’s about to end.

      • aerialmeds
        March 21, 2011


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