Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Inconsistent Me

My guy thinks I am very inconsistent and that I cannot go far with anything. I just get tired and leave most things a little while after I start with them. He means I am easily bored. To refute him, I tried to come up with sound arguments but I couldn’t go very far with them. I did start a blog before this one and left it midway. There isn’t a doubt to that. And I do easily get bored of colouring, texting, attending classes and even bunking classes. None of them is permanent.

I am lame then.

I started exercise and two days in I got lame.

I started making cards; a month into it and I was done.

I started sketching and got over it too.

I started cooking and it went nowhere.

I have been cleaning and I am good at it. I still do it. Wait. Does that mean this is where I belong? Hawwwww. kaamwali?



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