Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

Picture Pointlessness

I am thinking about pointlessness again. We are such good friends. I would never have anything sound to write about. My competency exams are out of the way. I am left with a presentation to prepare and a research paper. Research papers kill me, they suck life out of me. They are like dementors to me. If a research paper is anywhere nearby, everything goes cold and it feels like all the happiness has been drained from the world. Yeah, that’s exactly how it feels.

Thoughts hit me when I am about to sleep. The exact moment when I am about to fall into ZZZZ. I wonder if I am conscious at that time. And if I am not then my thoughts are dreams and WAOW I have some intelligent dreams. So the thought that hit me yesterday before I blacked out was if we are heading towards ice age or is it global warming. Am I legitimately capable to write about this? No I am not.  I am dumb when it comes to discussing most issues and I don’t even like to pretend I know about them. But I do indeed think about issues. Just random thoughts.

Do I know why a raven is like a writing desk? No I have absolutely no idea. Can you picture pointlessness?  I sure can’t.


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