Ramble. Focus. Ramble.

I am in Striped Pyjamas

Hmm, today was bitchy and silly. I had three exams. They went well. I don’t get why I am talking about them when I never treated them like exams. They were lame, most of them. I did write 300 words in ten minutes but I didn’t understand what was so impressive about that? I bet loads of people can do that. It is funny how all the freelance writing has made my writing so pointless. I am pointless at heart now. Nothing I write makes sense at all. It all comes out to be complete rubbish. I wish I could write about philosophies and make a few of m own or at least discuss sports. Because, as it is, sports is pretty “in” nowadays. Everybody is talking about the cricket world cup. Will Pakistan bring it home? Erm.. I don’t know. I am no fortune teller. We are too unpredictable and inconsistent. Even I am very inconsistent. I can come up with ideas, so I am creative. I can execute them well when I have to. I do that very fine. But I cant do it again. Repetition kills excitement. And that kills me.

Haw, I am in striped pajamas. Nice. I like that movie but I am not so gaga for it as people usually are. I think I have seen better movies about holocaust. Pianist was better but nothing beats “Life is Beautiful.” That movie is a must watch, for sure. It is YES MAN. 😀

Now I want to write about things I shouldn’t write about so I should go. 🙂

I like my boyfriend. 🙂

PPS: My mouse is banana-nanas!


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