Ramble. Focus. Ramble.


My boy disappeared and he is going to take sometime before he comes back. Meanwhile, I’ll just write with major purposelessness and randomness. So I am planning to tell my parents about him and I am going to do that pretty soon I think. It’ll be nice to have things official for a change.

Its funny how I start to write and all that comes to me is shit and crap or more shit and crap. But, as soon as I shut down my lappy toppy I am flooded with ideas, grand scientific inventions and philosophical theories. By the time they start making sense to me I am fast asleep and when I wake up I can’t recall a thing. Trust me, it’s true. 😀

Do I write more or stalk people?

Oh well, writing won the innie minnie mynie draw. so I’ll put more crappy stuff here for all the nothingness to read and get pissed at how pointless I am.

It’s funny how my ex-boyfriend would come up with theories at times. I am trying to recall one of them. It had something to do with emotions. Ah, yeah! He believed emotions are present in pairs that are opposite to one another. As in, happiness and sorrow. They have the same meter and if one increases the other diminishes and it is true for all emotions. He would try to explain his feelings towards me through them. Funny. More like, justify his negligence towards me. 😀

What an arse!

Here is news, what I want from life is absolutely nothing and I want my parents to stop thinking about all the awesome things I can do in life. Because the fact is that I do not want to. I just want to live a simple life, make lots of mistakes (tiny ones). I don’t want to be the perfect, rich person..all loved and respected amongst the higher class. But my mum says it’s all right for them to want this for me because all parents want this for their children. Why do all parents want this for their children? Why is rich good? Who sets right and wrong? Who did it for the first time? Why is that money gives birth to crimes and its still a good thing? Why is man selfish? Had he not been selfish, did capitalism stand a chance at all? Idealism has been fed by our selfishness, hasn’t it?

Lameness, I am going to go check on my boy.


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This entry was posted on March 1, 2011 by in Journal.
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