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On Pornography

An epistemologist of the University of Edinburgh, Aidan McGlynn, has recently published interesting literature by comparing harms of pornography to political and democratic propagandas. In his discourse, McGlynn borrows the … Continue reading

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Philosophy on Coursera

Here is what I am taking at the moment on Coursera and I would really like to recommend these to all of you. 1. Introduction to Philosophy This course is being … Continue reading

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Journal Entry

Well, journal entries haven’t been very popular on this blog, in fact this blog hasn’t been very popular lately. Hadeelnaeem.com is an awesome present but my stats haven’t really been … Continue reading

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Will Pakistan Ever Truly Accept Its Christian Community?

I cringe every time I hear the word “minority.” It is true that religiously we are different from Christians, but must we create a social difference too? Minority stands for ‘few’ … Continue reading

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Islamophobia– Our Gravest Problem!

A version of this blog was published at the Express Tribune Blogs: It is not just the West, Islamophobia is on the rise in Pakistan too Only when we thought Osama … Continue reading

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Islamophobia is on the rise in Pakistan as well

I for one do not think the likes of Sam Harris, Pamela Geller and Richard Dawkins are propagating Islamophobia in the West?  Muslims of Pakistan, the Muslims of Afghanistan and Muslims … Continue reading

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Dear Saudi Arabia, What the hell?

Dear Saudi Arabia! The insecurity of your religion is absolutely ridiculous! Science makes you tremble with fear. I fail to see why. Your cleric has an urge to prove that … Continue reading

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Zinda hai, BB! Zinda hai!

Benazir heralded the attack on innocent children in Peshawar. While the conservative governments and military leaders clouded our vision Benazir was the only one who saw it coming and she … Continue reading

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Naya Pakistan has Finally Materialized

Amidst the hopelessness of this grave adversity, the heart-broken mothers and their tragic cries for the loss of their sons, the triumph of terror in this nation, there is still … Continue reading

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Khan from 2012–Not for the Taliban-hearted!

Excerpts from a NY Times article on Imran Khan, published in the year 2012. Here is the link to the article: Imran Khan Must Be Doing Something Right. Khan’s campaign strategy … Continue reading

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Replacing the VIP Culture

The VIP culture has pretty much been taken over by this new Jalsa Culture. This new culture, as the name suggests, points towards burning and stinging of some specific organs. … Continue reading

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Problems with being Extremely Pakistani

If there is anything world politics has taught us it is that nationalism brings no good. Apparently, man has never learned this lesson. The term natio, in Latin, means race … Continue reading

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The Religion of Pakistan

The religion of the people of Pakistan is a confused religion, almost as confused as the people of Pakistan. Of all the terrible ways we treat the minorities, the name-calling … Continue reading

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Heladius Dignitary: The majority of us here… have accepted Christ. Why not the rest of you? It’s only a matter of time and you know it. Hypatia: Really? It is … Continue reading

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Ibn Sina’s Forgotten Ontology

It is common to label Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) the first proponent of the Ontological Argument even though Ibn Sina (980-1037) was actually the first one to put down in … Continue reading

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On the Challenge of Cultural Relativism

The Roman Skeptic, Sextus Empiricus, was one of the first to propose this theory of Cultural Relativism. The theory suggests that there may not be any objective standard for right … Continue reading

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Enlightenment Project

Alasdair MacIntyre’s “Enlightenment Project” is the establishment of a secular foundation for morality. That’s all.    

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Sana Khawan-E-Taqdees Mashriq Kahan Hain?

You people are really lucky if you understand Jalib and this extract of his on the Women of the East.   “Ye Bhooki Nigahein Haseeno Ki Janib, Lapakte Howay Paon … Continue reading

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On The Challenge of Cultural Relativism

The Roman Skeptic, Sextus Empiricus, was one of the first to propose this theory of Cultural Relativism. The theory suggests that there may not be any objective standard for right … Continue reading

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There is a power that is beyond our comprehension, beyond our control, it kills us when we least expect it and rewards us when we least deserve it. It is … Continue reading

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Recent Gruesome Highlights

Recent gruesome highlights, staring us in the face: 1. A 45 year old widow raped in the name of honor and on the orders of a panchayat. The ‘experienced elders’ … Continue reading

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Muslims define Islam!

Pakistan’s favorite argument: There are just a few people that are bringing shame to this country and our religion of peace. Eh, no, you are mistaken. There are more than … Continue reading

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Growing up is a bitch!

I am not a patriot and excuse me for that. A girl has to sacrifice everything growing up in this country. There used to be a time when I had … Continue reading

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What is The Republic Really About?

Note from a month ago, on The Republic of Plato Just read Bernard Williams account of the City/Soul analogy and an account of Ferrari’s reply to it. And I feel … Continue reading

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Where did Socrates answer Thrasymachus?

The Republic is the most controversial of all political philosophy texts. In fact, as a philosophy student and not a fan of induction, I should avoid speaking in absolutes so … Continue reading

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The Misinterpreted Tribute to Aitezaz

A version of this article was published by the Express Tribune at Ejaz Haider is right, we do not need more Aitizaz Hasans Ejaz Haider wrote an intelligent satire, paying … Continue reading

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Deontology in Crito

We find in Plato’s dialogue Crito that Socrates too, like Kant, was an advocate of Deontological Ethics. The word ‘deon’ comes from a Greek word that is commonly translated into … Continue reading

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Metaphysics of Plato

Plato‘s early philosophy was more about ethics and the debates on ethical and moral properties that the gadfly, Socrates, would kindle in the market place of Athens with rich, poor, … Continue reading

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Virtue and Geographical Constraints

“Virtue, they preach, but with geographical constraints.” _Hadeel Naeem

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