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Heladius Dignitary: The majority of us here… have accepted Christ. Why not the rest of you? It’s only a matter of time and you know it. Hypatia: Really? It is just a matter of time?… As far as I am aware, your God has not yet proved himself to be more just or more merciful … Continue reading



There is a power that is beyond our comprehension, beyond our control, it kills us when we least expect it and rewards us when we least deserve it. It is a mysterious force that does not work for us. All our plans and schemes, our dreams and hard work, our thoughts and ideas are useless. … Continue reading


Muslims define Islam!

Pakistan’s favorite argument: There are just a few people that are bringing shame to this country and our religion of peace. Eh, no, you are mistaken. There are more than a few. There are enough people to redefine this country and the religion. Men make religions! People define Islam! Muslims define Islam. Islam is no … Continue reading

Ethics / Philosophy

Deontology in Crito

We find in Plato’s dialogue Crito that Socrates too, like Kant, was an advocate of Deontological Ethics. The word ‘deon’ comes from a Greek word that is commonly translated into the English word, duty. And so, Deontological Ethics define morality in terms of adherence to duty, rules and laws. In simpler words, Deontological Ethics hold … Continue reading